To build a world-class brand, hard anti wood door, high-quality choice, hard wood for 20 years,
from one to the end, never changed. Manufacturing for examination

Customized size

Yingkang doors takes customers as our focus to meet the needs of customers as much as possible. Our factory can produce the desired WPC door size for wholesalers and dealers, and can also meet the requirements of engineering companies for the door size required by their own projects. We order for our customers.

Customized Colors

We will purchase PVC film with color similarity of 99% according to the requirements of door color, or we will customize new color for customers according to the development scale of local market. The minimum order quantity of custom color is 500 sets of doors.

Customized Styles

Yingkang doors has professional designers to design novel WPC door styles for customers. The biggest advantage of customized style is that it can be personalized design according to the requirements of customers, and we will also provide customers with design mold protection policy. This can be more conducive to customers quickly occupy the local market.

Customized Packaging

Every door dealer or wholesaler wants to expand their own brand. In order to meet the requirements of customers, our factory will provide customized carton design for customers. Our factory is the best one in China for the carton made to our customers.

Customized Samples

Our door factory provides free samples for customers who have cooperated for the first time or have not cooperated, so that customers can check the quality of our wpc door and choose the color they like

Provide The Fastest Delivery Time

Yingkang doors factory guarantees 20-30 days delivery time for customers. Unless the customer has a special request, it will take more time, and the delivery time of the customer will be guaranteed.